My First Book

Book Title – Twigs Entwined

Genre – Contemporary/ Modern Fiction
Style of narration – Stream of consciousness


She woke up with a jerk. Her hands were up in the air, groping for support. It was a moment of frenzy. It was like being drowned in some deep waterbody. She could neither grasp on to any surface or person for support or open her eyes and see what was going on. The scary feeling it gave was simply inexplicable. The music did not stop, though. She had more to offer and more to conquer. She settled in to consider this as the time to introspect, reflect, and bounce back with more vigour—and she did them all.

About the Book

Twigs Entwined is about those little nuances of life that get obscured by oversight. Growing up, we all nurture within us the instinct to look at almost everything from our own perspective, rather than from someone else’s. A lot of strong emotions we feel in life is also as a result of this. Twigs Entwined is about trying to understand our special journey of life from a new perspective.

The only character in this book comes across as someone who loves science, poetry, is modern and broad minded. The narrative style used is “stream of consciousness”. So keep your mind open and free to enjoy this entire piece through the senses, thoughts and mannerisms of the protagonist.

It owns a storyline which has not been touched upon before in the world of literature. Everything that happens in the book is for a reason, even the sequence of events. You will definitely be able to place all the pieces of the puzzle right, by the time you finish reading. Please feel free to contact me for any discussions after reading the book.

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Where to Buy the Book?

Paperback version of the book is now available on at just Rs.300. Limited copies available!!!

A BIG thank you to every one who read the book and shared their reviews/ feedback.

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4 thoughts on “My First Book

  1. Pooja has picked up a very interesting and intriguing premise that keeps you guessing until the end about who the protagonist could be, what her fore story is, how did she end up in the balltrap etc. Besides the interesting premise what keeps you hooked is the brilliant play of words and the ease with which Pooja blends irony and philosophy into the narrative. Whether it is calling karma a “certified” bitch or describing “the kick” as something as hard that caused another Big Bang, there are ample instances where author displays her brilliance with word play. There is a situation where the lead has hiccups and a resultant frustration from it and the author puts it as “Hiccups are gone, but the frustration lingered”, so as to say how we humans are so enslaved by emotions. There is another situation where the lead gets a break from her ordeals and breathes new life from the aroma aroma of flowers that newly blossomed.But the same aroma stops exciting her anymore beyond some point when it stuck around. In that very ordinary situation Pooja brings out in depth philosophy about how we take things for granted in life. There are many more examples to quote that makes the book a very enjoyable read, let alone the surprising but sweet ending that leaves you with a smile on your face

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