I love all the colors that nature has to offer…

The last few weeks have been mostly spent with nature, one of those few occasions when I feel like thanking the changes that COVID has brought. It definitely changed my perspective about life, everything just changed in the matter of a few months. At one point life just got so hectic and monotonous. That is when we started taking more nature walks and exploring the umpteen nature parks in Singapore.

Coming from India, to me nature was what I got to see in Kerala, North-Eastern India and the likes. I never thought Singapore had such treasures too. Though these nature parks are not extensive and vast, they definitely help take a good one-day break any time. And yes, that feels refreshing too. For me, it works like medicine to a lost soul. It helps me connect with myself, overcome my insecurities, find peace and not to forget, it gives me my much needed workouts too. So now we explore at least one nature park per week. Sometimes we just repeat the same park, but even that does not feel boring. Nature has new sounds, smells, sights, weather, experiences to offer each time, though the place essentially remains the same.

Have uploaded a few pictures in here, a few more more are in my story posts and a truck load is still in my phone, waiting to be released. I doubt if I will ever be able to share all of them, because there are so many. So many aspects of nature mesmerize me every time and all I can do in return is to capture whatever little I can. They cajole me into exploring their wilderness over and over again. If I could trap those moments and bring them back home with me, life would have been so much more different and fuller. Well, some wishes are better off if they just remain wishes.

Well, for nature lovers in Singapore who are yet to explore these parks, please visit https://www.nparks.gov.sg for details. As for me, I have only covered a few yet – McRitchie (half a day trail and has a reservoir for those who love to see water bodies), Chestnut (little less tamed, shorter trails, has a decent biking trail too), Pulau Ubin (an island in Singapore, houses the Check Jawa Wetlands and offers long and short trails, and looks almost like a little village not much tampered by humans), Lazarus Islands (has beautiful beaches, lots of history and long trails too, and if you visit Kusu (Turtle) island too it feels almost like a mini island hopping trip), Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (has long boardwalks and bird watching spots), Bukit Batok (has a few small playgrounds and a quarry lining the reservoir, this one also offers short trails), Tampines Eco Green (not too great, was deserted and not well-kept), Botanical gardens (more of a garden, organized and great, has such a vast spread of flora within that it definitely soothes your mind). Most of these parks have biking options too, some even have separate designated trails for biking.

More organized flora can be encountered at Gardens by the Bay too. Though this is mostly man-made, especially what you get to see inside the domes, the colors just feel so enchanting and enticing every time. Even walking around the gardens on the other side of the domes feels great, there are some huge pieces of art amongst the plants and trees, little water bodies here and there and it is definitely worth multiple visits.

The beaches are great too, by the way, especially Pasir Ris, East Coast Park and Changi Village. Most of these places have biking options and most of them have good playgrounds for children. Just be a bit careful about the weather though, especially when headed to the beaches because heat can impact your moods in rather funny ways. Otherwise beaches are great natural hangouts too.

I am hoping to cover every single nature park that I can around here and stay connected to nature while COVID runs its course and while I am still around. Not sure if this article might really help as a travel guide of any sort. Nevertheless, hoping to add more details and one-line summaries about every other park that I visit in the future, this would be more like a running post and will run for as long as I can tread.

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