Believe, just Believe

When starts each day giving birth to new hopes-

And you partake in new moments and memories to remember, some to cherish. Some that leave a burn that might be short, some long lived; Some that shine like a star for a second, some forever.

With every another encounter you wonder why so, why this moment, why does it have to be me?

Who should I trust and who should I not? Why is there never a clear answer, why am I so lost? Who can I fall back on and who has my back?

Why are these experiences, people and encounters sometimes tough to fathom?Wish it were all straightforward like moments spent with an innocent child.

Why do we lose our innocence as we grow up in life? Why do we stop loving and forgiving like we did as a child?

Learning is a process and it seldom ceases. Keep learning how life works and some day you will master its uncanny ways.

If it takes too long, never lose hope. Trust in yourself like in no one else. There must be someone somewhere who wishes you well and would be forever willing to help you master the tricksy art of life.

Published by

Pooja Subramanian

Author of the book "Twigs Entwined"

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